It’s a Wonderful Life

It was our Christmas party the other night and we had Christmas crackers and party poppers. Enrique’s face twitched violently every time I fired a party popper into it. That was the best bit. The worst bit was I was sat next to Marcel and did the crackers with him. All in one go.

“What’s got a tongue but no teeth?” I asked Marcel after we’d picked through the bones of them.

“An eagle,” he replied.

“No, a shoe.”


“Let’s try another,” I warned him. “What’s got legs but no arms?”

“An eagle?” He replied

“No, a table.”


“These are jokes, Marcel,” I explained, “you should be laughing about now. And what is it with you and eagles?” I placed a hand on each side of the paper crown he was wearing and then slid it down towards his chin so that it split. I love that feeling, the feeling of a head inside a party hat.